Subject Snobbery - Is It A 'Thing'?

05 Sep 2018

Published in: Miscellaneous

KAG BlogAs a graduate, if you are applying for roles and they have specific degree discipline requirements and you haven't studied that subject it can be disheartening and you may feel like you'll never be able to find the right role for you.

From a recruitment consultant's point of view, we are given clear instructions on what our clients are looking for in the ‘ideal candidate'. Some managers are more open to different degree subjects than others, however, if a role is very specific in the skills that it requires then it's essential that we only put candidates forward that meet the criteria.

When applying for roles, if it asks for a specific degree that you haven't studied - but you have previous experience working in a similar or same position, then I would recommend putting an application together and submitting it. Don't always be put off by requirements if you genuinely feel you have the skill set and experience to do the role.

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