Think Hydration Only Matters in the Summer? Think Again!

16 Feb 2018

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It's been one of the worst winters in recent memory. Many mornings have begun with extremely cold starts, and we've often had to make the journey into work through snow, ice, wind and rain. It's only natural, then, to crave a hot drink when we finally do get into the office. Very little else can motivate you in the same way a hot drink can, but as the colder weather looks set to continue for a little while longer, we're asking you not to forget your water cooler either. Many people disregard the topic of hydration all too easily in the winter, and this is dangerous.

Dehydration is a Lot Less Noticeable in the Winter
We tend to drink more in the summer simply because we recognise our need for water better. We begin to feel thirsty when we lose just 1% of fluids, and given that we sweat a lot more in the heat, we tend to top-up our fluids more often during the hotter months. In contrast, we don't associate feeling cold in the winter with needing a cold drink. While our body temperature does rise with the extra layers we're dressed in, the perspiration caused quickly turns to water vapour, so we don't necessarily notice the problem. In fact, we may not even feel thirsty! Because the consequences of dehydration in the winter are less apparent, it's important to plan ahead and keep sipping throughout the day.

Give Your Immune System a Welcome, Winter Boost!
The colder climes equal much drier air, so you can quickly become dehydrated. As is the case all year round, dehydration can impact your immune system in a negative way, and you'll quickly start to feel sluggish and fatigued. In addition to this, dehydration can lead to aches and pains, which may then lead to sick days. This will be an inevitable nightmare for the productivity level of your workplace. Installing a water cooler, whereby crystal clear water is readily available at the touch of a button, may just be the push you and your staff need to keep hydrated in the winter months.

Keep Warm this Winter with Water
Yes, you did read that correctly. In what is a horrible time of year for many of us, water can indeed help keep us warmer. Your body uses water to maintain your body temperature throughout the whole year, and not having enough fluids can cause it to drop at an alarming pace. Did you know that a key reason for someone getting hypothermia is because they were dehydrated whilst outdoors for an extended period of time? The only "rule of thumb' here, so to speak, is that you should avoid cold water. It's a good idea to let your cup warm to room temperature prior to consumption, as this will have the best impact on warming your body temperature.

Look for the Signs This Winter
As previously explained, the symptoms of dehydration are rather difficult to spot in the winter, but you should try to pay attention where possible. Even feeling slightly warm can be an indication that you're about to become dehydrated, and feeling thirsty is a big sign that you're already dehydrated.

The Advice of Coinadrink Limited
The advice from Coinadrink Limited, though, is to simply keep sipping on a glass of water across the entire working day, throughout the whole year. Admittedly, this is something that's quite hard when you have no motivation to, so give yourself something to remind yourself"¦

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