Transform your kitchen or canteen into a safer environment with high-quality vending solutions.

29 Mar 2021

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As more businesses look to welcome their staff back to their natural working environment, learn how you can help deliver peace of mind with vending.

We’ve reached the point in the Coronavirus pandemic where businesses are aiming to bring their staff back to the workplace. But whilst many will be looking forward to it, it isn’t always without fear and concern.

Your team may simply be afraid to return to their everyday working environment. The prospect of coming into contact with so many people can be daunting, and how safe exactly is your workplace?

Coinadrink Ltd is an advanced vending company that has been positively transforming workplace culture since 1962. Our vending solutions can help promote a more comfortable environment your team are happy to return to.

Your workplace will need to change.

We all crave normality. But with restrictions and guidelines being in our life for what feels like forever, it won’t be easy to adapt to the way life used to be.

There’s also a strong possibility that we are heading to a “new normal”. One that still sees certain safety protocols in place.

This leaves a lot to think about as you prepare to welcome your team back to their everyday working environment. It won’t be enough to open everything back up and expect operations to go back to the way they were.

You need to transform your workplace so that it provides the much-needed feeling of comfort and safety. It’s natural to expect so many of us to have fears around returning to the workplace.

There are so many options you can implement. Coinadrink Limited the vending machine company is focussing on refreshment facilities as a way to welcome your team back.

Tea, coffee, snacks and more have always been an important component of the working day. But whilst the importance still very much remains, now is the time when you need to review these services for safety and hygiene.

Simple and safe vending solutions.

Whether you have a shared canteen or a communal kitchen, we can help you make these services safer with our high-quality and hygienic vending solutions.

Vending is one of the most progressive industries. Advanced innovation and high-quality products deliver an employee perk that’s been commonplace for as long as we have.

In the wake of the pandemic, new solutions have arisen. Contactless vending machines provide fresh bean coffee without needing to physically touch the equipment. This eliminates shared touch points and adds greater peace of mind. We also have contactless water dispensers to experience.

Contactless vending solutions are well prepared for a post-Covid world.

It is worth mentioning that “traditional” vending solutions have always been a hygienic entity as well. It contains far fewer shared touch points than using the kettle, for example. Contactless vending machines take peace of mind to the next level for those businesses that require it.

This represents a grand employee benefit that is totally safe to enjoy. It’s a fantastic option to implement into your canteen or kitchen, one that delivers much higher quality than the majority of other services.

Our tabletop coffee machines cater to smaller environments, whilst our floorstanding hot drinks machines are better suited to higher usage. Both deliver coffee shop quality quickly and safely.

And of course, we also offer cold drink vending machines, snack vending machines and fresh food vending machines.

Catering to larger sites with operated vending and the Micro Market.

For those who have a large-scale refreshment facility on-site, such as a canteen, our operated vending solutions and the Micro Market could deliver a better option.

Vending is not a one-size fits all facility. Such flexibility means it can work for any business, location and requirement. Whether you’re looking to add to your workplace canteen or completely overhaul it, we can help.

Our vending solutions work across all industries including manufacturing, catering and offices. Depending on your requirements, you can have one snack vending machine and one cold drink vending machine. Alternatively, you can enjoy the entire range including hot drinks and fresh food as well.

Coinadrink can offer a fully managed vending service. With a huge product range, advanced innovation, fast dispense times and minimal/zero touch points, vending is convenient, high-quality and safe.

Best of all, it can be completely hassle-free. Our operated vending service takes care of all maintenance and replenishment with industry leading customer support and hygiene standards.

This means you don’t have to lift a finger or worry about a thing.

We also have our innovative unmanned Micro Market solution. Offering more than just vending, the Micro Market is deemed the future of the canteen and offers your very own self-service convenience store in the heart of your workplace.

With minimal touch points, a grand open design and 24-hour availability, the Micro Market is one of the most advanced, flexible and hygienic on-site vending solutions around.

The Micro Market offers the future of the canteen, today. It is well suited to a post-Covid world, especially if you’re looking to stagger working hours as a way to reduce the number of people on site at once.

Just like with our vending solutions, our team will take care of your Micro Market for you. We will keep it topped up and maintained, with just one person coming onto your premises on a pre-agreed schedule, following all safety guidelines.

Using a contract catering company can’t provide this reassurance. Moreover, your team will also be forced to take their break at the same time.

Promote a safe return to work with our hygienic vending solutions.

Our vending solutions are a fantastic employee benefit in a post-Covid world.

We can help promote a safer and more comfortable environment for your team to return to, and all it starts with a zero-obligation discussion about your requirements.

Contact Coinadrink Limited today for a zero obligation discussion about how we can help your business.

Submitted by Alistair from Coinadrink Limited
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