Unveiling the Top 5 Hidden Features of Microsoft PowerPoint

27 Jun 2024

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Unlock the hidden power of Microsoft PowerPoint with these top 5 features that will transform your presentations from ordinary to extraordinary!

It's always excited to uncover the hidden gems within the software tools you use every day. Microsoft PowerPoint, a staple for presentations, is packed with features that often go unnoticed but can significantly enhance your presentation skills.

Here, we dive into the top five unknown features that can transform your slides from ordinary to extraordinary.

Morph Transition: Seamless Animation for Dynamic Presentations

The Morph transition is a powerful tool for creating smooth animations and transitions between slides. This feature allows you to animate objects across multiple slides effortlessly.

How to use Morph Transition:

  1. Create a slide with the initial state of your objects.
  2. Duplicate the slide. Move or change the objects on the duplicated slide.
  3. Select the duplicated slide and go to the "Transitions" tab.
  4. Click on "Morph."
  5. PowerPoint will automatically create a smooth animation between the slides.

Zoom for Interactive Presentations

Zoom is an innovative feature that allows you to create a non-linear presentation. With Zoom, you can jump to and from specific sections of your presentation without following a strict slide order.

How to use Zoom:

  1. Go to the "Insert" tab. Click on "Zoom" and select "Summary Zoom."
  2. Select the slides you want to include in your summary.
  3. PowerPoint will create a new slide with thumbnails of the selected slides.
  4. During the presentation, clicking on these thumbnails will navigate you to the corresponding slides.

Design Ideas: Instant Slide Makeovers

Design Ideas is like having a personal graphic designer at your fingertips. This feature provides automated design suggestions to improve the visual appeal of your slides.

How to use Design Ideas:

  1. Create a new slide and add your content (text, images, etc.).
  2. Go to the "Design" tab. You’ll see the "Design Ideas" pane on the right side. If it’s not visible, click on "Design Ideas."
  3. Select a suggested design to apply to your slide.

Icons: Enhance Visual Communication

PowerPoint includes a vast library of icons that you can use to enhance your slides. These fully customisable icons allow you to change their size, colour, and style to match your presentation’s theme.

How to use Icons:

  1. Go to the "Insert" tab. Click on "Icons."
  2. Browse and select the icons you need, then click "Insert."
  3. Adjust the size and colour of the icons as needed.

Slide Show Presenter View: Command Your Presentation

Presenter View is an indispensable tool for anyone who needs to stay on top of their presentation. This feature lets you see your speaker notes, the current slide, and a preview of the upcoming slide in one view.

How to use Presenter View:

  1. Go to the "Slide Show" tab.
  2. Check the "Use Presenter View" box.
  3. Start your slide show by clicking "From Beginning" or pressing F5.
  4. In Presenter View, you’ll see your current slide, next slide, speaker notes, and a timer.

Discover more

At Vantage 365 Training, we believe in empowering our clients with the knowledge to harness the full potential of their tools. By integrating these lesser-known features of Microsoft PowerPoint into your workflow, you can elevate your presentations and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Whether you are a seasoned presenter or just starting, these hidden gems can help you effortlessly create professional, captivating presentations. So, next time you open PowerPoint, take a moment to explore these features and see how they can enhance your presentations.

Feel free to reach out to us at Vantage 365 Training for more tips and personalised training sessions to make the most of your Microsoft 365 tools.

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