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23 Jun 2020

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Upgrade to a vending machine in your workplace and eliminate the hidden hygiene issues that plague the kettle.

The kettle remains a solid choice for the home, but it’s in urgent need of replacing in the workplace. Not only is it slow and unable to deliver a hot drink of any meaningful quality, but the whole process of making a hot drink using the kettle is actually unhygienic for your workforce. Or at least, it is when compared to a vending machine.


And during a time when hygiene matters more than it ever has before, you should seriously be looking into upgrading your workplace refreshment facilities once and for all.


Why is the kettle so unhygienic? 


It’s more to do with the entire process of making your hot drink using the kettle, rather than using the kettle itself. 


Making your own hot drinks exposes you to numerous touch points. And we’ve been using the kettle for so long now that we don’t even realise it. Everything just comes as second nature to us, but how familiar does the following sound when making a hot drink?


-       Pick up the kettle (touch point)

-       Turn the tap to fill the kettle (touch point)

-       Select your mugs, or more than one if doing a drinks run (touch point)

-       Boil the kettle (touch point)

-       Open the jar of coffee or tea bags (touch point)

-       Use a spoon to add coffee to a cup, or put your hand into a jar to get a tea bag (touch points) 

-       Close the jar of coffee or tea bags (touch point)

-       Open the jar of sugar (touch point)

-       Use a spoon to add the sugar (touch point)

-       Close the jar of sugar (touch point)

-       Pick the kettle up to pour hot water (touch point)

-       Open the fridge to get the milk (touch point)

-       Handle the milk carton and unscrew the lid and pour the milk (touch points)

-       Open the fridge door to put the milk away (touch point)

-       Use a spoon to stir your drink (touch point) 

And those touch points are only multiplied when doing the drinks run for your colleagues! 


Another issue with the kettle is speed. This often encourages your employees to congregate in the area, particularly when team members from other departments are also doing the drinks run. This makes it almost impossible to keep the required social distance. 


How can a vending machine help?


A vending machine carries a lot of benefits, but when compared to the kettle one of the most notable ones is the hygiene aspect. 


It’s obvious really, but a vending machine makes your drink for you, so no need to hunt around for the tea bag, the sugar and so forth. The only touch points a vending machine exposes you to is interacting with the display or buttons. In truth, there are no more touch points in using a vending machine than there are using other workplace facilities.


Vending machines also dispense your beverage in under 30 seconds and use disposable cups, so you know your cup will always be clean and safe to drink from. 


This means that vending is a perfectly safe entity for your workforce to stay refreshed on-site.


Contact Coinadrink Limited today about having a vending machine installed. 


We’ve established that a vending machine is a more hygienic solution to using the kettle. But that’s not the sole reason why they are becoming more and more popular in the workplace.


The technological advancements of vending machines mean they can deliver beverages fit for the coffee shop, with fresh bean coffee and fresh leaf tea available. 81% of people from a recent survey said having access to high quality hot drinks in the workplace is important to them, and having happy staff is the first step to enjoying a healthy business. A kettle simply cannot capture this same level of quality.


Coinadrink Limited is a well-respected vending company with over 58 years’ experience. We have the knowledge to tailor our vending and coffee machines to suit your requirements, taking the time to understand what you are after. 

Contact us today and invite your team back to a better, safer and more hygienic workplace. 

Submitted by Alistair from Coinadrink Limited
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