Welding Fume and Metalworking Fluid Information Leaflet in conjunction with HSE

27 Nov 2019

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HSE's Fabricated Metal Inspection Programme 2020

The GTMA recently attended a seminar detailing the forthcoming Inspection programme for Companies with exposure to metalworking fluids and Welding Fumes.

The main focus of the HSE’s January-March 2020 fabricated metal inspection programme will be on ensuring companies have effective control measures in place to minimise risks associated with exposure to metalworking fluids and welding fume.

All welding fume – including mild steel – is now classed as carcinogenic, whilst metalworking fluids can cause occupational asthma, occupational hypersensitivity pneumonitis and dermatitis.

SHEP chairman, Chris Buxton, who is also CEO of the British Fluid Power Association, said: “SHEP is a collaboration between a number of engineering focussed trade associations, supported by the HSE. Its aim is to actively reduce the number of workplace accidents and ill health in the engineering sector and, by working together, we can spread key messages to a far wider audience.

“Thanks to the direct link with HSE, we can tailor our support to ensure it offers the most value to all of our members.

In order to protect workers and comply with the law, namely the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH), employers need to ensure they have the right control measures and management arrangements in place. Employees also have legal responsibilities under COSHH regulations, including using the control measures they are provided with. 

If you would like to download a full information sheet on the workings of the forthcoming audits, please click on this link here https://bit.ly/2L0mCP8

Submitted by Juliette from GTMA
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