Why the raised eyebrows...

24 Sep 2020

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...is it because it's energy?

There are a few roles that get a raised eyebrow when you tell somebody what you do for a living, Estate Agent, Recruitment Consultant, Salesperson. I’ve done all of those and have always loved the eyeroll or the “oh great, you’re one of those” responses they get.

In fact, I thrive on it.

However, nothing could have prepared me for the response I get when I say I work as an energy consultant… wow! You would think I had said I was an assassin for hire.

It turns out that energy consultants aren’t always that well received by their target customers, and I’m beginning to understand why.

Usually, it has something to do with the answers to these questions:

Are you sick of the constant cold calling?

Do you already use an energy consultant/broker?

If you do, have you benchmarked their service recently to make sure you are getting a transparent energy deal?

If you don’t, do you know the benefits a consultant can offer you?

When did you last review energy contracts?

Have you evaluated ways to use less energy?

How are you becoming more sustainable? (Net Zero is the future!)

I’d genuinely really like to know, because I’m proud to work for a consultancy that was set up for the very reason my job role gets a raised eyebrow… to challenge the perception that plagues the energy industry and give our clients complete transparency around their energy.

If any of these questions resonate with you then give me a shout and pick my brains over a coffee (virtual of course - there is a pandemic ongoing unfortunately!)

Natasha Trueman - 07936935261 - Natasha@experiencedenergy.co.uk

Submitted by Natasha from Experienced Energy Solutions Limited
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