Why your employees may not want to return to the workplace.

22 Mar 2021

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Coinadrink Limited the vending machine company takes a look at how your workplace must adapt if you want to welcome your team back.

The time has come for many businesses to start welcoming their teams back to the workplace. But despite many of us eager to get back to normality again, have you considered that your workforce may have concerns about their normal working environment?

Coinadrink Limited, the vending machine company, explores the importance of a safe and comfortable workplace. Covid-19 has left a damaging mark on our lives, one that will take a while to heal. Here is what you can offer to reassure your team in a post-Covid world.

Let’s be honest, remote working has been a blessing. It has enabled us to continue working during these unprecedented times, to a degree of relative normality.

One of the aspects that a lot of us haven’t enjoyed, however, is the limited interaction with colleagues. Advanced technology and video calling platforms may be convenient, but they will never be able to replace face to face conversation.

That’s why the workplace will remain an important central hub. Yes, remote working may still be adopted moving forward, but many of us will still be required to come into work from time to time.

But for organisations who have rarely invested too much care into their everyday environment, the benefits of that approach may not be all that obvious. Who wants to be coming into an office that’s old, boring and more crucially, not all that safe and hygienic?

Because remote working has largely worked for over 12 months now, you’re going to have to do more to make the workplace attractive again. As a CEO or leader, you are going to have to focus on the downfalls of remote learning and ensure the workplace delivers sufficient advantages to combat them.

As we return to the workplace, we must take a different approach to design, proactively creating spaces that support employees and encourage them to return.

You could call it “human workplace design.”

Flexible office space.

If employees have missed interaction with their colleagues throughout the pandemic, where is the benefit in making this interaction difficult in the office?

If your team can’t relax and wind down with their colleagues during break times, then most would rather simply be working from home before meeting up with friends in the evenings. It is important to create an environment that encourages regular interaction. Meaningful break times can be the difference between a happy and productive team member and a deflated one.

We are looking at the workplace as agile, adaptable spaces that can be shaped and reshaped as needed. Now is the time to look at implementing facilities than can double up as valuable employee benefits and ones that are of course safe to enjoy.

What about creating the laid-back approach of the coffee shop with the benefits of the office environment?

Company culture matters.

When you walk into any environment, you can get a “feel” for the place. It’s the sort of feel that sticks. And it is just as prominent for your team as it is for your clients and customers.

Your team will need to see that you care for their wellbeing and safety and have made the appropriate changes. Now more than ever, this could be crucial to both attracting and retaining star talent.

A sense of community has formed during the challenges of the past year and your workplace needs to capture this momentum that brings your staff closer together. Again, you can look at workplace facilities and break out areas.

Is your workplace prepared for the "return to work"?

The return to the office after such a long absence is an opportunity to see it in a new light and take the steps we need to evolve.

Coinadrink Limited is a vending machine company that has improving workplace culture for nearly six decades. In a post-Covid world, our vending machine services are safe and enjoyable to use, with contactless equipment available.

Meanwhile, our Micro Market is arguably the most hygienic workplace refreshment solution there is, encouraging meaningful break times with your very own self-service refreshment hub.

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Submitted by Alistair from Coinadrink Limited
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