Business is Done Better Together

Our Mission

We will be the champion for business in Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

We will promote and meet the needs of business and industry across the Black Country and help create the best community in which to live, work and do business. We will provide leadership to drive economic growth, we will play central roles in local and national business partnerships and offer a united voice to represent our businesses.

Through constructive engagement and lobbying we will enhance the success of our members and local prosperity through business support, effective networking, lobbying and provision of relevant services.

Our Values

Our commitment to our values starts with putting the interests of our members and the Black Country business community at the heart of everything we do. To assist in the delivery of our mission, we stand by three core values that shape the support we provide for businesses across the region.


In business, courage is a quality that often separates the extraordinary from the ordinary. It is the driving force that propels individuals to embrace calculated risks, challenge norms, and drive through change along with acting with conviction, honour and a sense of purpose.

  • To take Ownership, Accountability, Responsibility
  • To face challenges head on
  • To embrace change and show willingness to navigate uncertainties
  • To be resilient in adversity showing mental and moral strength
  • To advocate innovation and improvement


Collaboration is the practice of working together with internal and external connections to pool resources, understand each other’s strengths, create value, solve problems and achieve shared goals and objectives.

  • Actively participate in open communication, ensuring those who are quieter are heard
  • Respect all views, embracing all prospective, providing constructive feedback
  • Sharing in goals and objectives for the good of all
  • Working together to solve problems with a solution resolution lead approach


To be authentic, transparent and honest which will in turn create a respectful relationship with colleagues, members and peers alike.

  • To be authentic, sincere and consistent in all interactions, with openness and transparency
  • To demonstrate the same when no one is looking
  • To be clear on beliefs, aligned to our work, and to be an advocate for what is right
  • To respect others’ views, beliefs and values
  • To actively listen and engage in open dialogue