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Banish the Bunions - In Time for Spring!

Nuffield Health Bunion TreatmentWhen spring arrives, we start to think about casting aside socks and long trousers in favour of open toe shoes, skirts and shorts. Now is the time to prepare your feet for summer!

Bunions can make walking really painful for patients and they’re generally very happy with the difference surgery can make to their lives and appearance. Bunions are painful lumps on the side of your foot, which are fairly common. They can run in families and are not just from wearing ‘silly shoes’.

The bony growth and thickened capsule of the bunion can become painful, cause hammer toes and can make it difficult to find comfortable shoes. In extreme cases, bunions can also affect the rest of the foot, as it tries to compensate and this can result in overlapping toes. To help make your feet more comfortable, Mr Dev Damany and Mr Osmond Thomas, consultant orthopaedic and specialist foot & ankle surgeons at Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospitals are on hand to advise and help.

If you have bunions, they tend to become progressively worse.Non-surgical treatments are to wear shoes that are more comfortable, use painkillers and sometimes insoles.The severity of the bunion dictates the kind of surgical procedure required to remove the bony lump, but even with quite severe cases, they can be done as day cases where you can go home the same day. You would be able to walk in a special sandal following surgery without the need for a plaster.

Following surgery, a dressing will stay in place for 2 weeks, with patients wearing a special sandal. This stays on for 4 to 6 weeks and after this, patients can wear normal shoes.After surgery, some patients experience some stiffness of the joint, which is why after a fortnight exercises are important to get the joint moving.

To learn more about foot and ankle problems, including bunions and hammer toes, Mr Damany is hosting an event at Nuffield Health Wolverhampton Hospital on Thursday 16th February. The event will start with refreshments at 6.30pm, followed by the talk and a question and answer session from 7pm. To book your place, please ring: 01902 275867.

For more information please contact Nuffield Health Wolverhampton on 01902 275707 or visit

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