Customs Compliance Audit

A full audit & risk assessment of your current customs, VAT, logistics, documentary & procedure compliance carried out by a professional International Trade Consultant who is qualified in Advance Customs Compliance and previously worked for HM Revenue & Customs.

How will the audit work?

The audit will take place on your premises and can include anyone you feel would be able to contribute or have a vested interest, such as a member from your import/export teams, Finance and a Director.

Most audits involve at least one whole day on site. The audit will use processes adopted by HMRC and at the end of the process the outcome will be discussed with Team members, they will also have the opportunity to ask questions regarding the audit and other shipping issues •

A summary of the Audit will also be sent to your company with recommendations

The audit will focus on the following areas:

• Checking customs import entries made by freight forwarders/agents/parcel companies

• Record keeping and audit trails with paperwork

• Completion of transport paperwork and clearance instructions

• Customs valuations

• Customs and shipping procedures

• Checking preferential origin import/export

• Evidence of export

• Reconciliation of import entries

• Using CDS

• Reconciliation to C79 and PVA statement

• Audit trails

Information to be provided

To help with the audit, you must provide access to the following documentation:

• Shipping paperwork including commercial invoices, airway bills etc

• Commodity code lists • C88 (Import Entries) with E2 documents

• Any clearance instructions sent to agents at import

• Export entries

• Information regarding commodity codes and origin of goods

• Invoices from freight agents/customs brokers and or fast parcel couriers

• PVA statements and C79

• If appropriate, error logs

Management Support System (MSS) data

If you subscribe to the HMRC’s MSS data, we will ask you to provide a copy and a sample of shipments will be randomly selected in advance of the audit for checking.

If you do not subscribe to MSS then you will need to provide a list of shipments for selection.

Further Information

The charge for a Customs Compliance Audit is £2,500 +VAT* for Chamber members and £3,000 +VAT* for non-members.

Please contact to make a booking or for further information

(*Price is dependent on the size and requirements of your business and includes preparation, one day on site and the final report. The price may increase for more complex audits.)