Psychological Artistry Online Session

05 Aug 2021 09:30 - 13:00


We’re very proud and excited to launch the Psychological Artistry Online Sessions on 5th August from 9:30AM to 1:00PM BST through Zoom. There are more details below, and you can find out more (including a short and comprehensive video) by visiting the new website at

What Is Psychological Artistry?

Psychological Artistry is a unique form of personal development focusing on making things happen, creating insights, and adding real, practical value to what you do.

Whilst attending this live, interactive, online-based training session, you will gain a set of skills and tools that help you understand your own and other’s psychology, boost your confidence, increase sales, develop powerful metaphors, see things from incredibly unique perspectives, and learn fascinating new concepts.

The online session is designed, developed, and delivered by us – Alex and George – a pair of professional trainers, performers and Psychological Artists who have been described by our clients as having amazing passion and knowledge of our subject, being very funny and incredibly talented.

You can make use of the Psychological Artistry Session if you are interested in something that:
  • Is Practical, Powerful and Life-Changing
  • You Can Demonstrate Your Ideas With
  • Grabs and Holds People’s Attention
  • Creates “Aha” and “No-way” Moments
  • Shows Very Complex Ideas Quickly & Effectively
  • Creates Shared & Lasting Experiences with Your Clients
  • Has Novel & New Experiences
The session is packed full of real-world techniques, all backed up by decades of our personal experience, academic research and psychological models. By tapping into these practical resources, you can find ways of:
  • Adding sparks of interest to coaching, presenting, and training
  • Enhancing social media and marketing strategies
  • Learning Attention Grabbers that instantly hold people’s fascination
  • Building confidence, clarity, and self-esteem
  • Expanding material for pitches, presentations, and human connection
  • Becoming more memorable and exploring new possibilities
  • Tapping into people’s curiosity for magic and mystery
  • Increasing Delivery Vocabulary and the range of ideas you pull on 
  • Developing new and fascinating metaphors
  • Enhancing your brand, your services and your own reputation
Come And Join Us

Come and join us for an exciting, entertaining, and enlightening look into magic, mentalism and mystery.

This unique, online, live and interactive Psychological Artistry Session is available for individuals to book and teams to book for a bespoke option.

You can see more about the Online Session, watch the new short video and book your place at