Abloy UK Launches CLIQ Go App

09 Feb 2018

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Security expert Abloy UK has launched the new CLIQ® Go App, designed to allow small to medium sized organisations to remotely manage their security from wherever they are, keeping their business secure "on the go'.

Managing a business today comes with a many security challenges, and the needs of the business may be constantly changing and evolving. For example, staff leave, new staff join, keys are lost and access rights need to be changed.

The CLIQ Go App moves security to a new dimension, enabling business owners to control security in their building and premises from their mobile device.

Features include the ability to schedule access to rooms or give contractors time-limited access. If a key is lost, access can also be revoked using the CLIQ Go App, all managed from a cloud-based system.

Owners can expand the system without disruption, with the assurance of a flexible, highly encrypted, permission controlled security system that allows them to focus on growing the business.

Pip Courcoux, Sales and Product Manager - CLIQ Systems for Abloy UK, said: "Lost keys are a serious security risk, but with CLIQ Go it's so easy to manage access control. This revolutionary locking system keeps your business on the move and can be adapted to your organisation's evolving security requirements."

Compatible CLIQ Go products include high security CLIQ cylinders for all door types, which feature a battery in the key for a low maintenance solution, with no cabling and a long lifetime of 200,000 cycles.

CLIQ programming devices are also available for keys, with desktop or mobile versions available. The cloud-based system means that the CLIQ® Go app works seamlessly, and a locksmith can manage the system as an optional service.

For further information on products and services available from Abloy UK, visit www.abloy.co.uk, call 01902 364 500, or email marketing@abloy.co.uk.

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