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07 Feb 2019

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Chaplains visit many workplaces, supporting and encouraging staff

A good group of staff, motivated and focused on a task, make a real difference to performance and profits.  The trouble is that people are not always totally motivated, and the focus can sometimes be lost.  It is all part of the ups and downs of being human.  We may be able to leave behind concerns about home and health, family and finance for a while, concentrating on our work, but eventually they catch up with us.  Work itself can bring pressure and uncertainty, and when it does, colleagues, however supportive, may have little time to help.

Years ago people were more attached to their church or faith community, where they could talk about problems and concerns.  This is less the case now and many people regret it.  They miss the stability and support which their background and faith tradition offered.  They miss someone to talk to.

That is where chaplains come in.  They have been present in hospitals, prisons and the armed forces for many years.  The community recognises their value in those places where people are under particular pressure.  Chaplaincy is essential in each of them.  Chaplains visit workplaces, in industry, commerce, emergency services and the public sector, as guests, but with the same purpose.  They are people who know what it is to be alongside others at the turning points of life, and of course they are not immune from problems themselves. 

Of course, chaplains are not just there for life’s difficulties.  A good chaplain will contribute to a positive atmosphere, encouraging people, affirming their value to the organisation and, as we believe, to God.  He or she will be able to link people with places of worship for weddings and other celebrations. 

Chaplains are provided by churches and other faith groups because it is important for us to be engaged with the economic life of society rather than simply being concerned with our own affairs.  An Archbishop once said that the church existed for the benefit of those who were not members.  That’s something we want to continue.

Most chaplaincy is provided without any charge to the organisations we visit.  We are always interested in discussing new opportunities. You can contact me, the Team Leader, at enquiries@bcuim.co.uk or 01902 710407.

Submitted by Bill from Black Country Urban Industrial Mission
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