Free workshop for companies to help staff with legal issues

21 Aug 2019

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Free workshop for companies to help staff with legal issues

Free workshop for companies to help staff with legal issues

Thursfields Solicitors is offering a free workshop for companies to provide a one-stop solution for their staff’s personal legal requirements.

The leading Midlands law firm will deliver the new service either at companies’ premises or at one of its own offices in Birmingham, Halesowen, Kidderminster, Sedgley, Solihull, Stourport and Worcester.

The free workshop will include advice on a range of legal issues ranging from wills and trusts to relationship breakdowns, and from buying and selling news homes to wealth protection.

Shane Miller, head of the Private Client services team at Thursfields, said: “When people face legal issues it can often result in stress at work, and the impact of personal well-being on a business is not something to be overlooked.

“We are therefore offering free legal workshops to companies across the West Midlands to help make their own teams aware of the processes and services available to ring-fence their futures.

“In this way Thursfields can help companies to ensure their employees are protected with our one-stop solution for any personal legal requirements needed by their staff.”

In the area of wills and trusts, Miss Miller pointed out that the majority of people have not drawn up a will at all, let alone kept it up to date.

She said: “Our expert Wills and Trust team will cover the pitfalls when people die intestate, which means without a will, and the benefits and peace of mind a will can bring.

“We can also advise on setting up trusts to future-proof assets for the next generation, and creating a Power of Attorney where needed.” Miss Miller highlighted how Thursfields’ award-winning Family Law team have the legal expertise and understanding to help couples through the difficult and emotional times when relationships break down.

She said: “We can provide services to prepare for this worst-case scenario to protect you, your children and your assets. “This can be via a pre-nuptial, post-nuptial or co-habitation agreement, as well as helping couples decide the best outcome for any children if relationships face future difficulties.”

Miss Miller said Thursfields’ expert conveyancing team have the knowledge and experience needed for when people are buying or selling properties. She said: “As well as guiding people throughout the purchase or sale of their home, we can also help with re-mortgaging and leasehold extensions.”

Miss Miller added that Thursfields can also assist people with wealth protection, working with a range of professional advisers to provide an all-round service to address all aspects of people’s private wealth.

She said: “We regularly attend meetings with customers and their accountants or financial advisers to ensure legal documentation meet with their financial plans, protecting theirs and their loved ones future.”

Companies interested in arranging free legal workshops for their staff can email, call 01905 730450 or visit

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