GDPR: Cloud Storage to Help Ensure Compliance

25 Jul 2018

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I'm sure you've all seen the recent scandals regarding misuse and loss of personal data. Facebook and Equifax in particular have shown us just how vulnerable we are, and how much sensitive information is held about us. The truly staggering part is how valuable this data can be to thieves and hackers. It's never been more important for businesses to secure the data that they hold on their customers; but what should they do? Businesses now need to be able to compliantly store, send and receive documents which contain a clients' personal information. For example, passports, utility bills, bank state-ments (any of which may be required to prove a clients' identity) can also be used by criminals for nefarious purposes.

Prior to GDPR, if the information fell into the wrong hands there'd be almost no penalty. However, this situation has completely changed, with fines of up to €20 million now a possibility. Couple this with private prose-cutions from "injury lawyers" and you can see why Blame and Claim solicitors might soon move from PPI claims to GDPR! So, how do most offices operate? We are all used to sending information across the internet, usually in emails and attachments, but this is very unsafe, and any business still using this method are simply asking for trouble. Also, many companies back up their files onto memory sticks or office based servers, so isn't it a good thing that memory sticks can never be lost or stolen, or servers destroyed in a fire or flood? Worse still, some offices are still largely paper-based, which is about as unsafe as it can be.

By using cloud computing, a company can securely and compliantly store its files and docu-ments, transfer them to clients or other companies, send secure emails, make private file notes and operate an extremely useful planner or diary with its own alerting system for event reminders. Everything is cloud-based, backed up numerous times and, importantly, is GDPR compliant. Cloud works on almost any internet connected device anywhere in the World, so your information is always available. It can also save the company thousands of pounds because they would no longer need super highspec computers and office-based servers. Everything is stored within the cloud on its servers within compliant data centres. Couple this with the savings that can be made on paper, stamps, admin, etc., and cloud storage makes perfect economic sense.

This blog post was written by Cloud Ark. For more information please visit In addition, they are currently offering Black Country Chamber members a free, no obligation GDPR healthcheck. Please contact the team on 0121 285 5540 for details.

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