Is now really the best time to invest in your business education?

10 Dec 2020

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It’s no secret that some businesses have had a rough ride this year. Not surprisingly, 2020 was a year that the value that business coaching can bring was more recognised than ever before.

At a time when some businesses are struggling to keep their heads above water and want to avoid any unnecessary outgoings, why would you consider business coaching? After all, what can we tell you about your business that you don’t already know?

Well that’s a simple one to answer. Nothing! And that’s the point of confusion when business owners think about coaching. This isn’t consulting. A consultant will come in and make assumptions about your business but that’s not what coaching is about.

There’s no one that understands your business better than you. Every business owner has a story and understands the market of the business in which it operates. We take your knowledge of your trade and add it to our knowledge of business growth. By fusing those two things together, we build a great business.

It’s not complicated. This is simply about making objective business decisions, leading great people and building and managing systems.

Many of our existing clients had a similar outlook when it came to considering coaching and had a common misconception that it simply wouldn’t work in their business. Because their business was different, right?

Wrong. Although every business is unique in how it provides a product or service, every business is built on the same premise; Every business needs customers. Every business needs to serve those customers profitably on a consistent basis, otherwise the money will run out! Hence why it’s key to make a business run as efficiently as possible.

Consistent leads coming into the business, consistent sales to convert those leads and a consistent customer experience, done profitably, with a cash collection that works. That’s what keeps the cycle of business working. And that is exactly what a business coach should help you do.

The business growth system that ActionCOACH applies is the best in the world and we know that because the franchise has been around since 1993, supporting tens of thousands of businesses. 2000 offices in 90 countries. So we’re doing something right!

But if you’re working every hour that God sends, how are you going to have time to work with a coach?

That’s a common one! When I speak in seminars, I often ask “How much stupid are you doing in your business right now?” Almost everyone laughs a rather uncomfortable laugh! If we think about the operational side of a business, how much would you really have to pay someone to do that?! You (the shareholder) should be sitting in the MD’s chair. You are the most important customer in your business as you’re the only person in your business that’s not replaceable right now.

It’s important to focus on future value, growth and return on your investment. A business coach teaches you how to do that. We’ll get you to free up your time, so you have time to grow your business.

If you want to have a conversation about how business coaching can help you get more from your business and your life, get in touch.

With products ranging from £50 per month upwards, investing in your business education may not be as unattainable as you first thought!

Find out more here or book a gifted coaching session by clicking this link.

Submitted by Kerry from ActionCOACH Black Country
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