It's Not a Case of 'If' You Should Introduce Electric Vehicles, It's 'When'

29 Jun 2018

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fgrfeKatie Colledge-Price of Carpendale EV Consulting notes that "it's inevitable, the future of travel and how we commute is going to change as autonomous and electric vehicles evolve along with the growth of sustainable travel solutions and smart use of technology".

This sea-change can be seen in the car market as an ever wider variety of electric vehicles come onto the market, with more being introduced over the coming years. Whether you're after a car, van, pick-up or bike, the options are vast and still growing.

The cost savings of switching to electric vehicles and the introduction of sustainable travel solutions can be significant if managed properly. Fuel spend, road tax, reduced congestion charges, servicing and maintenance, benefit in kind and national insurance contributions (NIC) are all areas where savings can be made.

The best part of this? There's grant funding available to businesses to bring down the capital cost of making this switch.

Low Carbon Workspaces have grants of up to £5,000 in the Black Country that can now be used towards the cost of purchasing an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle for your business. Alongside the government plug-in grant, which varies between £2,500 and £8,000, you could look to save £13,000 on the cost of a new electric vehicle!

Worried about the range of electric vehicles? The average driver travels 18 miles per day and with the average range of an electric car standing at 181 miles, the range offered by currents EVs on the market should cover most travel arrangements. There has also been a huge development in high-speed charging points and long-lasting battery storage, with even more development in these areas coming.

Low Carbon Workspaces could even cover the cost of a charge point installation alongside the purchase of an electric vehicle.

If you want to know more and check your eligibility, contact Low Carbon Workspaces on 01494 927131 or visit

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