My kids are always making fun of me.

24 Sep 2020

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I like to think I’m pretty tech-savvy. I’ve got a smartphone and I know how to use it.

My kids are always making fun of me. I like to think I’m pretty tech-savvy. I’ve got a smartphone and I know how to use it. I’m on social media, I use the internet for everything and I know the difference between the Tinder that you start a fire with and the Tinder that you start a relationship with. (Not that I ever use either!) But even though I try as I might, I’m never quite down with the kids. I make a point of keeping up with the important tech - Millennium is always ahead of the game when it comes to new technology and we’re always on the lookout for new softwares and solutions that can make things easier for our customers. Throughout lockdown, the team and I started working remotely. Using remote access software to log in to our computers and Zoom to keep in touch with each other and our clients. I love technology, but it seems the older I get the bigger the gap between me and the tech-savvy generation. That’s why my kids are always making fun of me. A new app, software or gadget that takes them 20 minutes to install and learn will take me 2 hours to get to grips with. You see, it’s easy for my 17 year old daughter to whiz through a new app set up, create a profile and start taking perfectly filtered photos, because she’s spent 10 hours a day for the last 3 years doing just that! She might never have used this specific app before, but she’s used similar ones and she understands the core foundations of how these things usually work. It’s hard for me. It seems like there’s so much to think about. But it’s wonderfully simple for her. It got me thinking. I’ve been in freight for a long time. To me, everything about freight seems simple. But I know it’s only simple because I’ve got the knowledge and experience to make it so. In my 30 plus years of experience shipping cargo around the globe, I’ve noticed that many manufacturers, resellers and distributors could easily improve the effectiveness of your cargo, if you simply knew what to look for. So I’ve made it easy for you. I’ve put together my top 10 tips for getting the most out of your freight. Click here to read it now…

Submitted by Chadd from Millennium Cargo Services Ltd
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