No hidden costs and no third party leasing from Coinadrink Limited, the vending machine company.

08 Mar 2021

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Open, honest transparency is just one of the reasons why the vending operator has enjoyed such longevity.

As part of Coinadrink’s pledge for customer support, we simplify your vending experience right from the very start. This includes complete honesty and transparency.

As you will have seen in our previous articles regarding our vending machine service, we have never once claimed that we are the cheapest operator around. We prefer to instead see value in delivering a premium, tailored service that delivers everything you want and need for your business.

But that doesn’t mean we completely disregard the importance of cost. After all, now more than ever, we all need to know exactly where our money is going.

Right from the very beginning, we won’t bombard you with a multitude of finance options that will only confuse and complicate matters. We are committed to delivering a hassle-free experience and part of this includes simple finance options in the form of purchase or rental only.

We do not believe in leasing the equipment and everything is financed by ourselves.

We do not believe in leasing our vending equipment. Everything is financed by us and you deal with us alone. This way, we can deliver a premium vending machine experience that is just as important for us as it is for you. Any company with a financial responsibility for a product will always make it their duty to maintain it as so to ensure it is fit for purpose for as long as possible.

That’s why you know you’ll receive the sort of service you expect. You’re our customer now and we endeavour to make the benefits of our vending machine company work for your business.

You will deal with us from start to finish, which means you benefit from our high-quality equipment and our pro-active customer service promises. If you ever have a question or a problem, just give us a ring or drop us an email and our own team will be the people to find a solution as quickly as possible.

A faulty vending machine, or one that is empty and unsightly, is just as bad for us as it is for you. That’s why we promise to deliver a fully stocked, fully functional machine.

We guarantee a fully stocked vending machine, just one of the benefits of us financing our own equipment. How do we guarantee this? Unlike other supplies, our vending machine company uses bespoke replenishment software that is tailored to your machine usage. We know which products are running low and which products are proving most popular, so our operator knows exactly when to visit your premises.

This doesn’t need to be arranged in advance, nor do you need to call in. It just happens, leaving you to get on with your day.

But whilst we will always maintain that no vending company can offer the sort of service we can for less money, we always make sure that you know exactly what you are paying for.

No third party leasing and no hidden costs from Coinadrink Limited, the vending machine company. That is why all of our contracts are open and transparent for your reassurance. We will never implement any hidden costs that will leave you with a nasty surprise and everything is outlined up front. And if you ever need to clarify anything with us, we are just a phone call or email away.

There are lots of aspects to a high-quality vending machine service. Coinadrink Limited nails every single one, making us a vending machine company you can trust.

Submitted by Alistair from Coinadrink Limited
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