Revealed: Vending and the Micro Market can be a valuable employee perk!

13 Feb 2021

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Studies show that your workforce would benefit from a vending machine or Micro Market.

As an employer, you require your workforce to be highly productive in order to reach your business goals. But it’s important to understand that this doesn’t just happen in an instant.

Motivation is the key attribute to productivity. Focus on the former to see an increase in the latter. Creating a positive working environment is a great way to shine a light on business culture and emphasise that you care for the wellbeing of your team.

The following report from Coinadrink Limited explores the benefits of employee perks and details which ones are considered to be most valuable.

This is delivered in conjunction with findings from Nespresso Professional, who carried out a survey into the value of coffee in the workplace.

What exactly is an employee perk and why do they matter?

An employee perk is a nice addition that is considered separate to a worker’s salary and legal rights. Providing employee perks is fast becoming a necessity over the luxury they were once perceived to be.

You could think of employee perks as “above and beyond” offerings that could be considered key to attracting and retaining star talent. The benefits that you do – or don’t – offer shine a light on your business culture and say a lot about how much you value the team that are responsible for delivering you results.

A perk or benefit can help improve an employee’s working day. Knowing that they are being considered and taken care of boosts wellbeing, which in turn helps deliver the motivation required to remain productive.

Now more than ever, when your team need to be happy and comfortable in their working environment, employee perks and benefits matter. Moving forward, there may be a greater emphasis on hygiene, but that doesn’t mean that existing perks can’t adapt or provide a worthy solution.

Definitely something to think about…

The most employee perks revealed.

Looking at findings from the Nespresso survey, the first result to take is just how high employees value food and drink at work.

Whilst ergonomic office equipment leads the way with 69% in favour, food and drink is what follows in the next 5 places. Way over half of those surveyed said that having access to things like high quality coffee, high quality tea and snacks would be an excellent employee perk.

Having access to a canteen or something similar is also very highly regarded, with 62% of respondents saying this is something they would appreciate.

Meanwhile, a vending machine settles in the top 10, with 49% giving this employee perk a big thumbs up.

As employee perks and benefits aren’t a legal requirement, you may be wondering how much it will cost your company to introduce such things into your workplace. After all, with the ongoing pandemic, it’s important to keep an eye on your expenditure.

The good news is that something like a coffee machine doesn’t need to be expensive at all. And even providing refreshments on a much larger scale could prove to be extremely cost-effective when you consider the long-term benefits.

Vending and the Micro Market. Two unrivalled employee perks.

We have established that providing an employee perk or a multitude of benefits can significantly boost the morale of your team.

And here is how we can help.

Coinadrink Limited is a well-respected vending machine company with over 59 years’ experience. We pride ourselves on tailoring our vending equipment to suit your requirements, from simple tabletop coffee machines that are a great upgrade from the kettle to a fully operated vending machine service consisting of hot drinks, fresh food, snacks and more.

Whatever you need, we pride ourselves on making vending work for every single industry and workplace. And everything is backed up pro-active hygiene standards and a customer service plan that has always led the way.

Whilst Coinadrink’s hygiene standards have withstood the test of time, we have recently introduced contactless vending and coffee equipment in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This eliminates all shared touch points and enables you to enjoy coffee shop quality in complete peace of mind.

For those who need more than vending, we can also site and manage a self-service convenience store in your workplace known as the Micro Market. The Micro Market is largely considered to be the future of the workplace canteen, which was a highly regarded employee perk from the report above.

Just like the canteen, the Micro Market will deliver a multitude of refreshments including high quality tea and coffee, cold drinks and fresh food to your workforce.

Unlike the canteen, the Micro Market offers 24/7 availability and doesn’t need anyone to assume control, such as a cashier or a third-party company. This means your staff can go for their break whenever they want, staggering it as so to enforce social distancing. It’s also useful if you operate shift patterns.

All products are pre-packed, and payment is made through a cashless terminal. And just like what you read above, you can now enjoy a contactless coffee machine as part of your market, for greater peace of mind.

We design the market to make it personal to you. It fits the space you have available, using your custom colours and branding. It can even be tied into you dedicated breakout area to promote a socially distanced break time.

To start enjoying vending or the Micro Market as a valuable employee perk, contact us today and let’s get you started.

Submitted by Alistair from Coinadrink Limited
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