The Micro Market is a Covid-compliant catering solution for your workplace.

27 Jan 2021

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Your workplace has to evolve and become an environment your team are comfortable to work in. The Micro Market can help.

Despite the fact that more and more people are now working from home, there are still some employees who remain in their normal working environment. This means that refreshment services still need to be provide for the benefit of wellbeing and productivity.

But with normal working operations now either suspended or stopped completely due to the ongoing pandemic, how can your team receive high-quality products in a way that is Covid-compliant?

The Express Refreshments Micro Market is strongly considered to be the future of the workplace canteen. And a lot of the markets’ characteristics mean it is well prepared for the modern world as we now know it.

It can take care of itself for long periods of time.

Less people currently on site means less people to take care of the usual maintenance rituals. But whilst this would pose a problem with the communal kitchen or workplace canteen, the Micro Market can pretty much take care of itself for long periods of time.

Our fresh food service can utilise long life products that don’t need to be constantly checked by our operators. This is ideal if you are minimising the number of visitors attending site and ensures your team will always have food available. The refrigerators can also keep the user protected through the ability to lock themselves should the temperature fall below the required level.

Again, this means that the Micro Market requires less maintenance and is just one aspect of Coinadrink/Express Refreshments’ rigorous food hygiene protocols that are built on peace of mind. Though it is worth mentioning that our own bespoke technology means that we can see what is happening in your Market without needing to be there in person, such as product availability.

It encourages staff to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

The open plan design of the Micro Market is strongly reminiscent of your local corner shop or convenience store, and that in itself contains additional benefits. All products are hygienically sealed, providing a reassuring barrier between the user and the item itself.

And because the Micro Market is unmanned, it doesn’t need anyone to assume control of proceedings. The 24/7 operation also means staff can stagger their break times and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

The current unprecedented times that we are living in right now may mean you are implementing shift patterns that make sure that as few people as possible are on premises at any given time. The beauty of the Micro Market means it’s there when you need it.

No other workplace refreshment solution is able to offer this advantage.

Contact free solutions.

And as the situation continues to develop at a worrying pace, the forward-thinking nature of the vending industry has introduced exciting solutions that deliver total peace of mind.

For example, the coffee machine that you can enjoy as part of your Micro Market experience can now come complete with contactless technology. This completely eliminates shared touch points when grabbing a coffee.

View Coinadrink’s range of contactless vending machines to learn more about some of the technologies you may be able to experience.

Bring peace of mind into your workplace with the Micro Market.

The Express Refreshments Micro Market has always utilised an advanced self-service terminal that takes cashless payments only. Not only did we envisage the convenience and security of cashless payments years in advance, but it also means that the user doesn’t need to come into contact with the germs that lie on coins and notes.

Another box ticked when trying to deliver peace of mind into your workplace.

Regardless of how long this pandemic continues to take hold, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the Micro Market is well prepared for both now and the future.

It’s no exaggeration to state that it could well be the most convenient and hygienic workplace refreshments facility around right now.

Contact us for more information.

Submitted by Alistair from Coinadrink Limited
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