Enabling Leaders Programme

09 Feb 2021 09:00 - 16:30

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Members: £2,595.00
Non members: £2,995.00

A development programme which delivers real paradigm shifting moments and brings about the vital step change required by a leader’s outlook and approach, which often takes a backseat due to the need to be constantly ‘in the business’.
Launching in 2020, the Enabling Leaders Programme is specifically designed to take leaders out of their business and give them space to reflect on themselves and their business priorities.

• Individuals transitioning to a leadership role seeking a structured programme and methodology to support their goals and ambitions
• Leaders who find themselves leading through change or horizon setting
• Leaders considering their next steps for themselves and their business

Built around core themes and trends identified by leading business schools, the Programme is structured around three areas where participants will explore:

This area will include a deep-dive self reflection analysis into your preferences around approach, style and the motivations behind these. We will then explore the approaches highly successful leaders apply and what current thinking from schools of business highlights in this area. This will then provide a platform to better understand yourself, your habits and how your needs often form part of your default approach in order to challenge you and how this can be applied to add value to your work, team, business goals and aspirations.

This is about appreciating why teams behave the way they do. This taps into an appreciation of human behaviour and the consequences and implications of this for both individuals and teams. Taking an holistic view, the programme will enable Leaders to apply a different set of perspectives on what success in the workplace actually means for your business. You will be able to broaden your awareness and understanding of how to drive up successful performance as you start to action plan and understand when and how to apply this knowledge.

Taking a helicopter view of your business and what needs to happen in the next 1, 3, 5 and 10 years in order to remain credible, commercial and competitive and, as a Leader; what role you will be playing. Time here is spent going back to organisational design and future development. This includes challenging you as a Leader and whether the organisation’s foundations are solid. You’ll experience time out of the business to really question what holds fast and remains true versus what needs to be different going forward.

Delivered bimonthly, each of these areas will be explored across six sessions over a 12-month period.

The Enabling Leaders Programme offers six coaching sessions - giving leaders an independent ear which brings an external perspective to your challenge and the application of ideas from the programme. The time can be used by you as the participant or, if you choose, can open the session to include other leaders within your business (i.e. sponsor, CEO, MD) to ensure alignment between approach, focus and outcome

If you would like to book on this programme or require more information, please contact Kristian on kristian@blackcountrychamber.co.uk


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