Director & Board Development - Leadeship & Governance

15 Jun 2021 09:00 - 13:00

Online Event
Online Event

Members: £900.00
Non members: £1,100.00

This subject is made up of 2 half day workshops:
15th June
22nd June

We are delighted to offer a new development programme of bespoke workshops, specifically designed for Directors, Boards and Business Owners. These workshops are all led by business professionals with a wealth of experience across a range of sectors who are able to bring the topics to life with practical examples and case studies from the real world.

Our Director and Board Development series is designed to build or reinforce the competencies needed to be an exemplar Director and business leader, dealing with the important aspects of directorship and addressing the common issues faced in this challenging role.
Delivery of programmes
Currently, our Director and Board Development workshops will be delivered virtually and in half-day sessions.

Theories and models created to deal with steady state business and the occasional organisational threat rarely provide clarity in times of continuing crisis. Sustainable solutions to complex problems require flexible thinking by directors and boards with a willingness to listen to different perspectives and explore alternatives which challenge their own preferences.
This highly interactive and practical workshop explores the changing leadership environment, supporting participants as they consider the complex strategic situations they face and the multiple interested parties whose views they might seek. Stories illustrate how director beliefs, decision-making and behaviour create the organisational and value chain environment in which other people make choices and act.
Participants contribute and explore a real business leadership challenge they would like to address. By the end of the workshop, each director will have developed a true picture of their objective and the wider strategic context in which they operate.


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