The Platinum Group (Sharing Best Practice Forum) - Mental Health Effects Of Organisations Returning To Work

22 Sep 2020 09:30 - 10:30

Online Event
Online Event

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Returning to the office may pose challenges for some employees, who may face practical difficulties, for example around caring responsibilities and commuting (with many schools breakfast clubs remaining closed to children outside of key workers, and for those that are open having very limited provision). This poses stress and worry about work.

Other employees may be worrying, anticipating the potential exposure to the virus, after perhaps understanding that 'staying safe' meant 'staying home'. Some may also feel anxious about increased social contact involved in sharing a workplace with others and interacting with customers and clients. Whilst there are clear advantages to social interaction for mental wellbeing, and it is also an important part of businesses and the economy getting back on their feet, it may seem daunting for some.

Kerry Mitchell the Wellbeing Manager from Paycare, a Chamber Patron, will open up the conversation towards steps employers can take to assist wellbeing of staff and the mental Health effects of organisations returning to work, she will unpack the following:
*Returning to work after a period of furlough – practical approaches to support staff
*Considerations towards mental health as part of your health and safety risk


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