Getting To Grips With Financials

22 Nov 2022 09:30 - 12:30

Venue To Be Confirmed

Members: £200.00
Non members: £250.00

This workshop allows you to understand and improve financial processes & information to enable you to make more effective strategic decisions.

What this workshop will cover
- Financial systems / processes: what you are currently doing; what needs to be in place
- Financials - making sense of:
- Profit & Loss
- Balance Sheet
- Financial ratios
- Managing cash-flow & credit control

·This workshop is ideal for: 
People in a business who are involved in financial processes or someone who would like more of an insite in to the financial side of a business.

This workshop is delivered by Ralph Savage (DRS Business Solutions) Ralph is an experienced Business Advisor and past Finance Director providing financial and commercial support to businesses. After developing and refining his financial skills in accountancy practices, he has worked in manufacturing for over 20 years, right up to senior board level, so all the help and advice he gives to business owners is based on his own experiences of real commercial challenges


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