Members Area

As your trusted partner, the Black Country Chamber is dedicated to getting you exactly what you need to make your business fly.

As a small business, they understand that there are always challenges in business, but can utilise their experience and expertise to support you.

Your Black Country Chamber membership will give you the opportunity to:

Gain more customers

It is about what you know, but who you know can come in pretty handy. If you’re thinking about expanding, the Black Country Chamber is a great place to start asking questions.

Expand your network

Business is a social enterprise, making the right connections can unlock an ocean of new opportunities. From knowledge sharing to business breakfasts, the Black Country Chamber have a calendar of over 70 events to make sure you’re falling in with the right crowd.

Save you money

Keeping your costs down is always an important factor in business. From advice on how to reduce your costs, to discount offers on certain services and products.

Access advice and guidance

It’s fair to say the staff at the Black Country Chamber have gained a bit of experience in the business world and we’re here to share this knowledge with you. By providing practical, cohesive advice to put you at the cutting edge of business enterprise.

Make your voice heard

The Black Country Chamber listens to the individual, you, to bring your voice and what’s important to you to the national and international stage. They have fostered a sphere of influence from the local region to Brussels and Westminster, to make sure the member-driven campaigns can take effect in the wider business world. They do this, so you don’t have to.

That’s what business togetherness is all about.

Any business, any size, the Black Country Chamber understands the pressures and ambitions your business has. Imagine what more you could achieve by being part of a local, national and international business community.