Accelerate your team performance by 6 months with this one day workshop

07 Feb 2024

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If you have joined a new team in the last 6 months or have merged teams, this day is a game changer

Introducing a new manager into a team or merging teams is usually disruptive and sometimes that is the purpose. Imagine if you could accelerate the development and performance of that team by 6 months using a 1 day work shop.

New manager or Team assimilation days are a real game changer for both manager and the team creating a safe space for openness and honesty to establish. I speak as a former participant manager, team member and facilitator and can say it is a wholly rewarding and transformational experience.

I would love to tell you more. If you are interested call me on 07464 678135 or email me at

Submitted by John from Nelson Development
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