How to introduce your lifestyle and dietary preferences into your hot drinks break at work.

18 Jan 2024

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As we progress through Veganuary, did you know you can enjoy plant-based hot drinks in your workplace?

By now you’ve probably heard of the term “Veganuary”, a 31-day challenge that encourages people to try veganism before hopefully embracing the lifestyle permanently. Over 700,000 people signed up last January, suggesting there’s still lots of life in this dietary preference.

It isn’t always easy to bring such preferences into the workplace, however. If employers want to provide an inclusive environment for vegans – as well as vegetarians – it’s reassuring to know that modern on-site refreshment solutions such as vending, and coffee machines can easily cater to demand.

The development of inclusive coffee culture.

Coffee has been a staple of the workplace for generations. Like most things, innovation has helped our coffee break keep pace with the high street trends, so you can enjoy delicious coffee shop quality without leaving site.

The pace of this development means our coffee is now more personal to us than ever before. In fact, our preference is almost as unique to us as our own fingerprint. It is part of our identity; such is the importance we place on it.

It means vegans can effortlessly intertwine their preference with their hot drinks break at work. Plant-based ingredients such as your milk go hand-in-hand with your coffee beans, which, deriving from a plant, are of course naturally vegan.

Fresh milk coffee machines lead the way!

Let’s start with fresh milk coffee machines such as the La Radiosa, great for showrooms and boardrooms. With gourmet coffee being delivered from a head turning design with no detail too small, La Radiosa appeals to businesses that want their coffee facility to help raise their overall image and culture.

We also usually include fresh milk machines like the La Radiosa in our Micro Market projects, delivering the attractive coffee shop experience into a wider refreshment hub with fresh food, snacks and more, which are available 24/7.

Instead of using powdered milk, fresh milk coffee machines utilise an optional fridge on the side to craft your beverages using your preferred carton or bottle. This isn’t limited to just cow’s milk, meaning you can use all kinds of plant-based options from soy, to coconut, to almond!

How’s that for flexibility?

The advancement of office coffee machines with powdered milk.

But if you don’t feel your site needs the all-out luxury of a fresh milk coffee machine, powdered milk machines can still cater to your dietary and lifestyle preferences.

Take the slender yet stylish Vitro X1 tabletop coffee machine, which works well in a staff canteen or kitchen area. This machine offers the one turret for powdered milk, but again can accommodate which ever type you want to provide.

And with non-dairy powdered milk for vending easy to source, it’s as easy as that!

Tabletop coffee machines with one powdered milk turret are pretty standard in the vending industry. They do the job just fine, effortlessly delivering premium speciality coffees such as Cappuccino and Espresso to your employees and visitors.

Last year saw these facilities move to the next level, though. Two milk turrets all of a sudden open the door to increased flexibility and maximum convenience.

As we touched on above, our favourite coffee is incredibly personal to us. And with veganism on the rise, business leaders may now want a facility that everyone on site can enjoy.

The new Vitro X5 tabletop coffee machine is a fantastic example of how powdered milk machines are now beginning to offer a similar level of compliance to their more premium fresh milk siblings, where you can offer both dairy and plant-based milk options from the same facility. 

If you want the best of both worlds here, the Vitro range offers MIA machines, such as the X1 MIA and X5 MIA. This delivers a fresh milk option to your drink’s menu, whilst still offering the standard turret for powdered milk in addition.

So, you could offer staff a plant-based fresh milk option and a dairy powdered milk option, or vice-versa!

For larger sites with a higher volume of staff, freestanding hot beverage machines like the Icon or Coti machines can also harbour any kind of powdered milk you choose in their two milk turrets. Again, whilst most of our customers are perfectly happy with 100% skimmed milk for coffee and Kreema for tea, we can use non-dairy milk in one of the canisters if preferred.

An inclusive coffee culture starts here.

With the bitter January month usually serving up greater need for our coffee fix at work, it’s reassuring to know that Coinadrink can provide inclusive facilities to suit everyone’s preferences.

Whether you want a simple tabletop coffee machine for your reception area or are keen on a luxury fresh milk machine for your showroom, talk to our team about how we can introduce your dietary and lifestyle preferences into the workplace through our vending and refreshment services.

Submitted by Alistair from Coinadrink Limited
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