Top Tips for Entrepreneurs from Women in Start-Up

25 Mar 2024

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In this blog post we share top tips from women in start-up.

In this blog post we share top tips for entrepreneurs from women in start-up. As part of Women’s History Month, we asked members of our Start-Up Business Club to share their advice for navigating the world of female entrepreneurship!

Here are the top eight pieces of advice for women considering starting their own business. Click on the individual members names to see their full interviews from our ‘Women in Start-Up’ campaign.

1. Become part of a community and build a supportive network. – All

The importance of fostering a supportive network, especially among other female entrepreneurs is an asset.

By creating opportunities for mentorship, new starters can more easily access valuable advice which helps to break down barriers.

2. “DO IT! There is so much more support, advice, and activity these days.”Lucy Cashmore, Daniel-Scott Recruitment

With the number of female entrepreneurs rising steadily, there are more communities actively pushing for conversations about women’s health, workplace flexibility and equity within business.

3. “Revolve your business around the people you wish to serve.”Shardia O’ Connor, Shades of Reality

As an entrepreneur, seeing the real-life impact of what you are doing is both a huge motivator and an important vehicle of representation.

4. “Enjoy the challenges that come along the way as it will empower you and inspire others that follow you.”Lianne Wright, Wright Choice

Each obstacle is a chance for growth and overcoming them will give you enough confidence to tackle the next one.

5. “Believe in yourself, your abilities, and your unique perspective.”Carolyn Smith, TP Squared

You are meant to be here. All your experiences up to this point are a unique set of tools to aid you along your journey.

6. “Be consistent and focus on the small steps. It takes time, but they all add up.”Charlotte Davies, Charlotte the Copywriter

The pressure of going from zero to 100 is daunting for anyone. However, it is possible to get there a few steps at a time with the right level of consistency.

7. “You’ll never be 100% certain, but a calculated risk and a bit of self-belief goes a long way!” Laura Fox, Fox HR

Setting realistic and achievable goals is a great way to track your growth and see rewards in the short term. These short-term wins will add up to long-term successes.

8. “In the wise words from my 11-year-old, make sure you choose a path/challenge/ job that leaves you feeling happy and fulfilled.”Wendy Powis, WM Bookkeeping

Above all, remember to enjoy it! You get to work on what you are passionate about and surround yourself with people who love what you do too.

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